Ingraham ‘outspoken’


Maybe I’ve let my subscription lapse on Far-Right Talking Points Weekly, but at what point did conservatives decide that the word “outspoken” is insulting?

Crooks & Liars posted a surprising video from CNN in which conservative talk-show host Laura Ingraham shared her thoughts on the president’s immigration policy (she doesn’t like it). Before a commercial break CNN’s John Roberts told viewers, “Will the new immigration reform bill fix the problem? We’ll ask the outspoken Laura Ingraham about that next.”

Apparently, that’s no longer acceptable in conservative circles.

INGRAHAM: By the way, John, how did you introduce me for this segment before the break. The outspoken Laura Ingraham. Do you guys introduce liberal commentators that way? I’m going to check.

ROBERTS: Yeah, we do actually.

INGRAHAM: OK, I’m going to check that.

ROBERTS: Are you denying that you’re outspoken Laura?

INGRAHAM: No, why would you say that?

ROBERTS: I just think that we’re appropriately characterizing you…. You’re definitely outspoken. You were outspoken about immigration on Wednesday’s show.

INGRAHAM: How about radio talk show host and author. That’s quite effective.

How does one know that conservative political correctness has gone over the edge? When “outspoken” becomes a point of contention.

Post Script: For what it’s worth, Michael Medved and Fox News’ Chris Wallace described Ingraham the same way, and she didn’t seem to mind.