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In For a Couple Weird Days


The lies, slander, and false accusations have taken "politics as usual" to a whole new low. This campaign shows why it's so difficult to attract qualified people to run for public office. This is why we get stuck with career politicians who will stop at nothing to maintain their death grip on power.

And I simply won't stand for it.

I have reason to believe the vile lies against me have been carefully orchestrated by Betty Sutton, the Ohio Democratic Party, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. I will be meeting with my attorneys this weekend to see if legal action can be filed for the Democrats' efforts to derail my campaign and ruin my reputation.

My campaign for Congress is about bringing jobs and fiscal responsibility back to this district.

I've pledged to the voters of this district that I will work to repeal Obamacare, support a balanced budget, get our country on a path to energy independence, and support term limits in my Ganley Guarantee.

And, when I win this election on November 2, I fully intend to keep this pledge to the voters of the Ohio 13th Congressional District.

I'm going to keep fighting towards victory on Tuesday and will not stand for any effort to smear my family, my name, my businesses and my reputation.

Bonus fact: Ganley will be appearing with John Boehner over the weekend at the same rally where Richard Iott, the Nazi reenactor will also be headlining.

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