Hurricane Hagee


John McCain is in New Orleans’ 9th Ward today as part of his “poverty tour,” which prompts TPM Reader BM to recall McCain’s endorsement by the Rev. John Hagee:

It’s probably folly to think that a member of the press corps would ask McCain about whether he believed that New Orleans’ sinfulness is responsible for the damage inflicted by the hurricane, as his endorser continues to allege.

Here’s Hagee on “the homosexual parade” that prompted God to unleash Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans, from TPMtv (starts at the 3:17 mark):

Late Update: Hagee essentially repeated his verdict as recently as this week.

[Special Thanks to TPM Reader JY.]

Super Late Update: McCain told reporters today that Hagee’s suggestion was “nonsense,” according to Fox:

“It’s nonsense, it’s nonsense, it’s nonsense, it’s nonsense, it’s nonsense. I dont have anything additional to say. It’s nonsense, it’s nonsense, it’s nonsense, I don’t have anything more to say….it’s nonsense. I reject it categorically.”


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