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Heart Warmed

Meanwhile, my now-husband Michal was working in Germany but had discovered TPM during a 6-year stint in California. As a Czech living in the United States during the Bush years, he found American politics "fascinating" (in both good and bad ways) and turned to TPM as a reliable source for understanding what was really going on behind the occasional train wreck.

Eventually, we stumbled into each other on TPM and decided to continue our conversation privately. Neither of us actually thought that we were anything more than electronic pen-pals until Michal's employer sent him on a business trip to, of all places, my home town. It seemed like too good of coincidence to ignore, and we decided to meet in person. That was in August 2008. We were married in 2011, and then last September our son was born.

Although our story is full of lucky timing and coincidence, we would never have met without TPM. I would never have ended up living in Germany...and our son would never have been born.

So there you have it -- journalism does change people's lives... sometimes at least.

P.S. Here's a picture of our son, a likely future TPM reader!

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