Golden Dukeys


I’ve noticed that in the nominations readers are sending in for the Golden Duke awards (nomination instructions and details here) not a lot of people are stepping up to make nominations for the signature prize — Best Scandal — General Interest. Lots of good nominations for best sex scandal, best local scandal, best testimonial trainwreck, etc. But it seems there’s a little reluctance to try to climb this one mountain.

To some I guess the US Attorney scandal is too much of a shoo-in for the Best Scandal Dukey. But remember, the Dukey in each category has to be awarded to an individual person. And there were so many crooks and bamboozlers in the US Attorney scandal that a lot of honor gets spread around.

On the other hand you’ve got solo scandals like Sen. Ted Stevens, the senate’s maestro of pork getting caught with miscellaneous sweetheart bribes, freebie home renovation and the like. So, just speaking for myself, I think Sen. Stevens is a strong contender?

Who else do you think should be in the running?