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Golden Dukes Update #3


Federal authorities discovered Judge Tills was banging more than his gavel when they staked out the Golden Acupressure Massage Parlor, part of an international sex trafficking ring.

Most of Judge Tills' women were undocumented aliens, which authorities say were being held in virtual slavery. Wiretaps caught Tills telling the women if they ran into any trouble with the law, he could fix it so they could still get immigration papers.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced in August after agreeing to cooperate with on ongoing investigation of the Jesters, sex traffiskcing and international travel for the purpose of having sex with minors.

Judge Tills was praised in a speech on the floor of the House by former NRCC boss Congressman Tom Reynolds, who called Tills his mentor.
Coincidentally, Reynolds, who belonged to the same Masonic lodge as Tills, announced he would not seek re-election on the very same day Tills was arrested for sex trafficking.

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