Getting to the Bottom of This


As you can see, we’re down to the gut-check moment about the health care reform bill slouching to passage up on Capitol Hill. Assuming the bill passes stripped of a Public Option and Medicare Buy-In, just what’s left? My own sense is that the Public Option has been so heavily debated and politicized that most people just don’t have a very clear idea what’s in the rest of the bill. And to a substantial degree I include myself in that category.

For my own part I think the centrality of the Public Option has been overstated. But that judgment aside, I’m pretty sure most of us don’t have a clear understanding of the rest of what’s in this bill. So I’ve pulled together a group of people who I think know a lot about these issues to help me hash out just what’s in this bill and what to think about it. Paul Starr, Robert Reich, Roger Hickey and Jon Cohn have signed on to discuss this with me in a special discussion we’re hosting over at TPMCafe.

We’re going to be adding to that list. I’ve spoken with Markos about having someone from Kos join us. And I’ve been sending emails to Gov. Dean’s rep but for some reason can’t get her to respond. (Not sure what that’s about. Maybe someone can help me.)

We hope to get things started later this afternoon.


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