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Full Barrage in PA

And TPM Reader KO is seeing the same thing ...

I can report the same ad barrage as your Harrisburg reader here in Pittsburgh over the last few evenings. All sort of GOP SuperPAC ads for Romney during the local news, some syndicated shows and tonight's repeat episode of The Voice. Lots of talk of how "Obama's economy" is an awful "new normal," how Obama voters don't think he's earned a second term, and how he's just in over his head (including one ad that just ran a Romney debate answer on the awful economy intercut with scary slow mo footage of Obama). They were offset by a few airings of an Obama campaign ad focused on Romney's 14% tax rate, but those ads were definitely overwhelmed. No ads directly from the Romney campaign itself, I think.

Also plenty of dueling ads in the Casey/Smith Senate race and the Mark Critz/Keith Rothfus House race. The Republicans in those races seem to be trying to nationalize those races a bit by tying Casey to Obama and Critz to Pelosi in ads. Lots of talk about how democrats are anti-coal too, ruining not just an industry but "a way of life."

DEfinitely seems the SuperPACs are making a last ditch effort to move the needle here.

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