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Fox News: Surgeon General Too Fat

Six Pack Abs Update: What is the Ravish Room, you ask?

The Ravish Room turns out to be a sauna that admits only members who have reached a sufficiently low body mass index, but you also have to be screened to so much as join his gym, where motivational techniques include having cupcakes hurled at you on the treadmill ...

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Buns of Steel Update: Looks like Fox screens its guests well. The Anti-Gym was raided by the IRS in January, its assets seized and shut down, according to the CBS affiliate in Denver. But it's website is still all pulsating hotness. So maybe it's back in business. Any TPM hardbodies in Denver who know the current status?

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Flee West Young Man Update: Karolchyk was planning to decamp to California, the Denver Post reported earlier this year.

Cavuto Self-Loathing Update: Karolchyk is a repeat guest on Cavuto's show. Not to point fingers, but as Cavuto himself admits, he's no lightweight. Maybe having Karolchyk on is Neil's way of getting cupcakes thrown at himself while on the treadmill.

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So Late It's The Next Day Update: The definitive Michael Karolchyk profile.

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