Flash of Heat


A lot of you have written in to see if we’re okay after the manhole explosion near our office. We appreciate the concern. But, honestly, I feel embarrassed getting the questions. Because even though we’re probably only maybe a couple hundred feet from where it happened, we didn’t even notice until someone saw smoke outside the window.

But TPM Reader DR across the street had a more hair-raising experience.

My office is on the top floor of 641 Sixth Ave, directly above the Radio Shack. As I was working at my computer, I suddenly felt a flash of heat on my face and looked up to see nothing but a huge ball of flame outside my window — and that’s on the 7th floor. I screamed “Get the f–k outta here” and our company vacated immediately. I don’t know if there were any injuries downstairs, closer to the transformer that burst into flame, but everyone on our floor got out safely.

Hope you enjoyed the show.


Josh Marshall is editor and publisher of TalkingPointsMemo.com.