Fingers Were Wagged


CNN has some background on that meeting the senate Republicans had yesterday on Sen. Craig (R-ID) …

Republican senators held what one participant called a “passionate” and “spirited” closed-door discussion Wednesday afternoon about how their leaders responded to the sex scandal involving their colleague Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho, CNN has learned.

At least three senators complained their leaders “rushed to judgment” while others defended the leaders for quickly pulling their support from the disgraced senator, according to one Republican senator in the room and two GOP aides familiar with the meeting.

“We had to discuss it,” the senator said.

Sen. Ted. Stevens of Alaska, whose home was recently raided as part of a federal corruption probe, stood up to say it’s wrong to prejudge these matters.

He was joined by Sen. Jim Bunning of Kentucky and Sen. Michael Enzi of Wyoming, who also “wagged their finger” at the leadership, in the words of one of the aides. (Related: Craig may not resign)

But many more senators stood to defend the leaders, even greeting Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky with applause when he was introduced to discuss the topic at the weekly Senate Republican policy luncheon in the Capitol.

I’ll give Stevens some credit for a certain odd consistency on this one. He does seem to be an odd exception to the GOP’s new ‘zero tolerance’ policy on wrongdoing.