F-Word Down the Memory Hole?


TPM Reader TS raises a good point I’ve been wondering a lot about. I can’t figure it out …

There seems to be no mention in the press of the current use of the threat of filibuster by Senate Republicans. In the previous Congress, as I recall, there was much criticism of Democrats for suggesting that they might filibuster Bush’s Court appointments. Am I wrong in thinking that Republicans have stopped ordinary legislation at least twice in the last week by threatening extended debate? But where’s the mention of it in the press? In the NYT story this morning about the amendment to give troops more time at home, the f-word only appears in the second to last paragraph. shouldn’t they be called on this?

If anything it’s worse than this as Senate Republicans have been filibustering just about everything. Everything on Iraq certainly. And this is the sense of ‘filibuster’ as it has been used more or less continuously for a decade.

The Dems are idiots on this. Reporters should note it, yes. But it’s not really their job.