TPM Reader AG went too …

I was at the Lawn with all of the red shirted, white, angry Beck loving neo-patriots and there in no way it was a million people or even close. There were small groups huddled around the Glen Beck inspired flags and the usual disaffected white males wandering in groups with the American flag desecrated by being incorporated into clothing. Having been to the exact same location for the Obama Inauguration and other large political events, this was small fry in comparison. However, it was an angry group with a real sense of absolute entitlement. Something not focused on by many. This sense of entitlement that they deserve to be the dominant deciders and that it’s being taken away.

I of course wore a Health Care Reform t-shirt and an Obama cap while on my jog. Very interesting mix of people. Mostly what one would expect. Rural, Southern/plain states, white, with a great number of middle aged white men with either military crew cuts or biker tattoos. There were a very small number of blacks but interestingly absolutely no Hispanics or Asian Americans anywhere at all. I stayed away from the groups of men wandering around in biker jackets with tattoos carrying flags. Interestingly not a lot of American flags but a lot of other flags including the yellow don’t tread on me flag. I actually felt relieved by this event even though there were signs that were shocking because I do not think it will have the impact the organizers were hoping for. And my main thought I had as I observed these people was how many of them will forget they were against Health Care reform ten years from now when it is a part of American life and many have seen lower costs and their family members covered. One could almost imagine what it was like when Medicare was introduced, the civil rights bills, forced busing, etc., And how many of those people are now advocates or accept it to be a positive part of America.

Anyone notice that Rep. Pence quoted Ronald Reagan from 1964? The quote was about how the states should not allow the far off federal government dictate the way States can decide laws. That pretty much summed it all up right there. Amazed that the press does not ask him if he agrees with the context of the quote.


Josh Marshall is editor and publisher of TalkingPointsMemo.com.