Election Night Blogging


6:46 PM: We’re in election night tea leaf reading mode now. So far the very very early exit polls on the Senate side show about what you’d expect them to show from the polls, maybe slightly more favorable to the Dems than you’d expect. But the key to remember — very important — is that exit polls have a tendency to trend R as successive waves and adjustments come in.

6:48 PM: Key races to watch real early are Baron Hill in Indiana and Ben Chandler in Kentucky. These are the kinds of races you’d expect to go Republican if the GOP has the kind of night most people are expecting. If the the Dems are swamped, probably very long evening. If these guys don’t go down, then maybe the Dems outperform expectations. But those are two early places to watch. And you can watch them in our live results board to the right or on our scoreboard page.

7:07 PM: Let’s hear it for Evan Bayh! Well done ….

7:11 PM: Key thing to remember. We haven’t seen anything yet that gives us a clear read of what’s happening tonight. Frankly, not really anything that’s been particularly surprising. Important to remember.

7:22 PM: Keep those emails coming in. Next up West Virginia, a big, big tell for the evening.


Josh Marshall is editor and publisher of TalkingPointsMemo.com.