Dukey Nominees Announced!!!


Okay, the big moment has arrived. Or at least the biggest moment till December 31st. As you know, TPM is running the First Annual Golden Duke awards, named in honor or iconic political crook Randy “Duke” Cunningham and awarded to the biggest political crooks, scoundrels and bamboozlers in six separate categories. TPM Readers sent in dozens of great nominations measuring the comparative muckliness and bamboozlism of TPM favorites like Larry Craig, Alberto Gonzales, Bradley Schlozman and many, many others. And now we’ve chosen the official nominees.

So who are the nominees for Best Testimonial Trainwreck? Best Scandal — Sex and Generalized Carnality? You know you want to know. So find out in today’s episode of TPMtv! Winners will be announced right here on December 31st.

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