Down the Tubes?


The last counting of absentee ballots has Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) down to a 971 vote margin over Mark Begich. The vote counters got through about half the absentee and questioned ballots today; and it took Stevens’ margin from over 3k to just under 1k. More counting tomorrow.

Thanks to TPM Reader SP for the tip.

Late WTF Update: TPM Reader sends word that LS sends on word that Begich is now ahead by 3 votes. And she sends along the the link to the state of Alaska elections site that appears to confirm this.

No Question About it Update: Yep, the ADN confirms it. Begich by three votes.

How Cow Update: Man, you guys are on this like friggin’ hawks. LS got to the send button first. But if our inbox is any indicator a lot of TPMers are all over this.