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Do You Do Web Design?

The front end designer is a junior position. It doesn't require a long resume. You might be right out of school or maybe you've done similar work for a couple years. The key is that you have a strong design aesthetic and a real interest in user experience - particularly how to meld the two. We want to refine TPM's visual and brand identity and hammer out a consistent set of style guidelines using design, color, typography, simple and intuitive navigational tools and so on.

In short, we want you to help us make TPM beautiful.

As I said, this is a junior position but one with real growth potential. As I said, we'll look to this person over time to take the leading role in defining a set of internal company identity and style guidelines.

If you think you might be interested, please take a look at the actual job listing here. It has more details of the nuts and bolts of the job and how to apply. If you think you might know someone who might be interested I'd really be in your debt if you'd pass on to them this post and/or the job listing itself. And if you have any advice on our search I'd really like to hear from you too. We're looking forward to a very big year here at TPM. And getting the right person in this position is critical to our success. So your help is truly appreciated.

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