Desperate Times


This is purely anecdotal, but I suspect it mirrors what’s happening around the country. Today Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) is holding a grant-writing workshop here in Missouri to give small businesses, local governments and not for profits tips on applying for federal funds. With the stimulus package getting ready to pump tons of government cash into the economy I knew this was a hot topic. But I had no idea just how hot. My wife, who works in the nonprofit realm, tried to go, but ended up bailing on it because it was too crowded. I’m told nearly 500 people showed up for this thing. For a grant-writing workshop, no less.

Late Update: Not just Missouri. TPM Reader JH drops us a line from Vermont:

Up here in Vermont, the Governor and Patrick Leahy did the same thing about three weeks ago. 700 showed up. In Vermont! Had to schedule another one, the first was over booked. In Vermont!


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