Boxed Out, Buddy


For years John McCain has been saying that when the generals said it was time to change Dont Ask Don’t Tell, he’d support it. Yesterday, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs said it was time. (Presumably McCain wasn’t restricting his point to the Army and Marines?) But McCain said it was still wrong. Now Colin Powell says it’s time too. And McCain has repeatedly invoked Powell’s view as guiding his.

I thought that after 2008 we wouldn’t get more chances to see McCain betraying all the principles and positions he claims to stand for. But the primary challenge in Arizona seems to be providing many more opportunities.

Any word from McCain about the Supreme Court decision gutting his signature campaign finance legislation?

Late Update: It seems McCain did at least put out a statement expressing his displeasure about the Supreme Court decision. So there his flipflop is not as egregious as with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.


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