Bow Down to Aqua Buddha, Pt.2


Jack Conway went on Hardball this afternoon to keep up his Aqua Buddha fusillade and defend his attacks on Rand Paul. Watch the video here.

I didn’t think he was quite as prepped as he might have been. And he didn’t note one salient point: that Paul hasn’t denied that any of this stuff happened. But he stuck to his guns.

I would say this though; and I think it’s a point Matthews, who really went after Conway, missed. The ad hits Paul on a key and very valid point: he’s a fraud. A through and through fraud. He’s a longtime devotee of Ayn Rand and he’s passing himself off to Kentucky voters as a bible-believing “pro-life Christian.” As Jon Chait notes in a post otherwise lambasting the ad, nothing in Paul’s lengthy public record suggests that’s true.

Late Update: Extra bonus Aqua Buddha moment: gives Aqua Buddha ad a thumbs up.


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