Boehner’s Words for the Ages


So John Boehner has given his surrender press conference. But there were some things he said in his very dispirited recitation that I suspect we’ll be hearing in TV commercials next year. I get the sense that Boehner’s been beat up so bad over the last 72 hours that he just couldn’t get the candor in check.

You know, sometimes, it’s hard to do the right thing. And sometimes it’s politically difficult to do the right thing. But, you know, when everybody called for a one year extension of the payroll tax deduction, when everybody wanted a full year of extended unemployment benefits we were here fighting for the right things. May not have been the politically the smartest thing in the world, but let me tell you what. I think our members waged a good fight.

And then a bit later …

If you can get this fixed, why not uh, why not do the right thing for the American people – even though it’s not exactly what we want?

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