Beware Rubio


Not the first Dem I’ve heard say this. This from TPM Reader EF

What you say about Palin is certainly true in general, but her likely endorsee in FL – Marco Rubio – is one of the only Republicans in the country right now who really worried me as a Democrat. He’s young, telegenic, polished, Latino in a too-white party, a father of four married to a former Dolphins cheerleader, and politically talented enough to rise to Speaker of the state House before he was term-limited out. Granted, his conservatism is of the ’01-’05 W. Bush vintage, but he worries me as much as any Republican in the country this side of John Thune (which says as much about the Republicans as it does about Rubio, but still). If I had to bet my life savings on who would be the Republican VP nominee in 2016, I’d definitely take Rubio.


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