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Another Angle Entirely

Rich people have always complained that everyone was after them and they would be “offended” at such “outrages” of being “spoken to” in a way they do not believe they warranted. Having grown up in the 50s and 60s in a Connecticut wealthy town, I certainly heard them complain that the “average” man just did not know how hard they had it. You know… working and making millions a day is much, much harder than working all day as a plumber or other non-financial jobs or running companies.

However, those comments were always in private (for the most part) in a time when media did not report every work spoken or interview by the wealthy. We don’t really know what they were saying behind closed doors, although I heard some of it by growing up around them.

Now fast forward to today with over 20 years of some level of Internet which has changed the entire course of conversations. A previous private conversation (even if it was in a college lecture hall) would never have been known… today it is front page on many media outlets. The Internet once again has changed for ever how people interact with others. No more hiding or having your “private” thoughts unknown by the general public. That can’t happen for anyone who is wealthy and has engaged in any kind of public discourse. Same for politicians.

So I conclude the attitude has not changed, the wealthy people have never not been complaining but the Internet has changed the audience. This of course over time may have the effect of keeping some wealthy out of the public eye or as with other be a part of the daily conversations. In either case they will not change their attitudes.

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