All the Mayor’s Men


Rudy Giuliani biographer Wayne Barrett introduces non-New Yorkers to Ed Norris, a Rudy confidante who was deputy commissioner of the NYPD and who apparently picked up Rudy’s (and Bernie Kerik’s) penchant for romancing on the public dime:

Norris, who was still at NYPD headquarters when the Judi Nathan adventure began in 1999, pled guilty to federal charges in 2004 that he had used a supplemental police fund in Baltimore as if it were his own ATM, “financing romantic encounters with several different women.” The original indictment referred to eight women entertained by the police chief on the public tab, but that was later reduced to six. Prosecutors also claimed that the married Norris used the apartment of his chief of staff for workday liaisons that were called “naps,” sometimes occurring several times a day. Within months of taking over as police commissioner, he billed an October 2000 stay with “female number one” at the Best Western Seaport in New York to the fund, according to the indictment. The estimated $20,000 in playtime billings included luxury hotels and gifts from Victoria’s Secret, and his final plea included admitting to looting the funds and not paying taxes on the income.

Norris went on to become a much celebrated police chief in Baltimore and the head of the Maryland State Police before his federal conviction and six month prison sentence. He is now a talk radio host in Baltimore and a regular on HBO’s The Wire.


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