All About Jack?


From TPM Reader JG

NBC is working full time to build up the John Stewart – Jim Cramer thing. While Cramer is loud and obnoxious (a totally easy target), the tone of NBC has become increasingly negative towards Obama. Call me paranoid, but Jack Welch establishes the talking points at NBC, and Welch can be regularly seen on “Morning Joe” laying down the law as to what should be done.

The real point is that GE stock has tanked, and Welch acknowledged the other day that his personal holdings (mainly GE) has tanked. The man is looking for a bailout. They would like to focus on the shiny object (Cramer) and ignore the constant barrage of Scarborough, Mika, Barnicle, the sweater girls from CNBC, and the rest of the cast bombarding Obama.

MSNBC at least has been pretty friendly territory for Democrats of late, at least at night. So I don’t know if this isn’t a bit of a partial view. But GE, which is NBC, is deeply implicated not just in the broader financial crisis but in various bailouts as well. So the whole issue is worth considering.


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