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Alaska Race Totally Bizarre (What's New?)


Next, bizarrely, the complete implosion of Miler's campaign seems -- if this poll bears out -- to be ensuring that he'll win. He being Joe Miller. I'll let you look at their write up to figure out how that can possibly be so. But that's the gist. Another way to look at it is that Miller has collapsed so badly that Murkowski, rather than splitting the vote and making a McAdams win possible, now looks to him denying McAdams the victory he could win in a two person race.

The topline result is Miller 37% and Murk and McAdams both at 30%. But remember, there's a huge wildcard in this race. Murkowski isn't even on the ballot. She's running as a write-in. That's far more doable in a relatively small (pop.) state like Alaska when your name has been on the ballot in the state for decades. But it's a enough of a wildcard to make any of the three a possible winner.

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