Advantage Rudy


Okay, finally the definitive story. Last night we were bringing you the latest on the proxy fight between the Giuliani and McCain campaigns over who could have the most prominent or outrageous campaign official involved in a prostitution scandal. Where we left things was whether Florida state Rep. Bob Allen (R), Florida co-chair of the McCain campaign, had offered to pay a Titusville plain clothes police officer for oral sex or whether he had asked to be paid for oral sex. The price, in either case, you’ll remember was to be $20.

Well, mystery solved. Courtesy of TPM Reader VS we were able to track down the arrest report. As officer Kavanaugh explains in the arrest report “Allen engaged me in a conversation in which it was agreed that he would pay me $20.00 in order to perform a ‘blow job’ on me.”

So, advantage Rudy.

Late Update: Allen holds press conference. Claims he’s innocent, fighting the charges. “The political process and the legal process has different communication styles and requirements. As a person in the political arena that is a representative of people, I tend to want to talk about each and every detail, to give a response to each and every item, and let it be known the truth will be coming out. But I have to follow the legal process because I’ve been put into a legal process.”