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Advanced Crazyology, 101


We look into it. And from what the Blaze guy relays of Gaffney's complaint, they point out that they weren't the only protestors there. There was another protest put on by a guy named Terry Jones. Remember him? He was the guy who caused an international crisis last year when he wanted to hold a big Koran burning hoedown down in Florida. And Gaffney's folks say it wasn't their people surrounding the Muslim guy. It was Jones' group.

In other words, as relayed by the people from The Blaze, the argument goes something like this: 'Hey, we weren't the only hate group there. There was another hate group also protesting. And you're saying we surrounded and chanted down the Muslim guy and we didn't. You're coming after the wrong hate group, guys!'

I think at the point that you've got to make this kind of argument you've got a problem. But actually, even the facts they allege are false. You can read our piece, with video, which really speaks for itself. And we've got more video too. Actually lots more coming in the morning. Our reporter was in the crowd and observed numerous folks from Gaffney's protest surrounding the praying guy. In fact, one of the people surrounding the praying Muslim man was one of Gaffney's speakers.

It's not really clear to me what The Blaze or Gaffney's group is even saying. But as long as clownish anti-Muslim hate groups show up to protest the Muslim fanatics, we'll be there to bring you the play by play. Because ... well, because that's just how we roll.

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