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A Very Sincere Thank You

One other point. Many thousands of you left comments in the open-ended last question of the survey. We haven't counted them yet but I think there are more than 10,000 of them. In any case, most were very generous. And I wish we could thank you. In other cases, I'd like to be able to follow up with you on points you raised about how we could improve the site or addresses other issues you raised.

Unfortunately, we can't.

As I said when we rolled out the survey, we're very serious about your privacy. And the survey included pretty personal questions about income levels, education, voter registration and so forth. So we intentional did not build into the survey any way to identify particular people with particular responses. That's by design. But it also means we don't know who left particular comments. And we have no way to contact to you.

So please accept our thanks for your time and please understand that we cannot follow up with you directly.

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