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A Proposal for the 51st State: Whinyassistan

So with these are other micro-secession movements, I have a proposal for the first virtual state. It's very difficult to secede from a state. You need to original state's permission - the whole state. And then you've got to get Congress to sign off. Up until now though it's always been assumed that new states must be contiguous. But I don't think there's any constitutional reason why that needs to be the case.

So what I propose is having Congress group together all the whiny sad-sac counties like Siskiyou and create the virtual state of 'Whinyassistan'. A rightwing piece of California here, a chunk of Colorado there, perhaps a few totally freak counties from the northern tier of New Hampshire and basically whoever else wanted to join. Transportation and economic development would be challenging. But it would be real independence.

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