A No Vote for Senator Holt …


TPM Reader JJ comments on word that Rep. Rush Holt (D) of New Jersey may run for Frank Lautenberg’s senate seat …

I worked as an intern for Rep. Holt during the summer of 2010 and I can’t see him running for senate. He very well may. Everyone has some level of ambition. But Josh, honestly, that’s not part of this man’s nature. I love having him as my representative.

I was on the inside of his office and got to know him and his people. I used to joke with my caseworker that Rush was “incorruptible.” The man never met with lobbyists nor did he really care how any particular vote hurt or helped him politically. He just wanted to do what was best for the 12th District. Here’s a guy that has been in Congress since 1999 and has never made an attempt at leadership. He prefers to work behind the scenes, publicity be damned. Why now would he want to put his name and face out there?

I have worked for other politicians. Rep. Holt is the most genuine elected official I have ever gotten the chance to know.

There is one thing I must add: this man is a genius. I am dead serious. He is one of the smartest people I have ever met. But, he is not a strong public speaker. I have been to his public events as a spectator, and for all of his intellectual abilities, he cannot sell his policies. He doesn’t stick to talking points well and his answers are rarely concise. I remember one event shortly after the Affordable Care Act passed. He was eaten alive. It was painful to watch.

I love this man. He is a great representative. If he runs and doesn’t get the nomination he will lose his House seat. For the good of the people of the 12th District, this cannot happen. Especially when he’s going up against Mayor Booker and Rep. Pallone.


Josh Marshall is editor and publisher of TalkingPointsMemo.com.