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4th Annual Golden Duke Awards!

1. Meritorious Achievement in The Crazy

2. Unrefudiated Champion of Tea Party Wackiness

3. Most Outrageous Election Season Fib Issued By A Politician

4. Most Over-The-Top Campaign Ad

5. The George Allen Honors For Best Tracker-Captured Freak-Out

6. Best Scandal -- Sex and Generalized Carnality

7. Best Scandal -- Local Venue

8. Best Scandal -- General Interest

How do you participate? Email us with your nominations no later than December 17, identifying the person you're nominating and make your case in no more than 250 words for why he or she deserves a place in the rogues gallery of Golden Duke winners. Only notorious individuals are eligible for the award -- parties, issues, groups, etc. are not eligible.

Readers whose nominations we choose as finalists will receive prizes befitting the honor.

On December 21st we'll announce the nominees, Our panel of distinguished judges will then select the winners. The awards will be announced on December 31.

Feel the excitement!

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