Thats a good sign.


That’s a good sign. This from Monday’s USA Today

With multiple congressional investigations of the Iraq-related intelligence about to begin, some in the Bush administration are arguing privately for a CIA director who will be unquestioningly loyal to the White House as committees demand documents and call witnesses.

Or this …

Officials in Vice President Cheney’s office are angry at Tenet because they believe the CIA leaked to reporters last week that it had told White House officials — before the State of the Union address — that allegations Iraq was trying to buy uranium were probably bogus.

And of course, this …

Bush administration officials who were hawkish on war in Iraq also have lingering resentment toward Tenet for his tendency to be skeptical about the intelligence implicating Iraq. These officials took note that the envoy the CIA sent to Niger in February 2002 to investigate the uranium rumors was Joseph Wilson, a career diplomat who had served on Clinton’s National Security Council. Last year, Wilson made frequent TV appearances in which he voiced opposition to war in Iraq.

First those rubes at the Agency let 9/11 happen and then they forget that emissaries on secret Iraq-related missions have to be vetted through AEI! Who can trust these guys?