Youve gotta be kiddingHere


You’ve gotta be kidding!

Here I am trying to get some Saturday R&R with a good book, when I hear this …

(Like Michael Corleone: “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!”)

If you’re a regular you’ve been reading TPM’s recent posts about New Bridge Strategies, the new outfit set up by President Bush’s right-hand-man Joe Allbaugh and a couple of GOP uber-insider Haley Barbour’s lobbying partners to land sweet Iraqi reconstruction contracts.

Well, I’m wondering whether the attention may have been unwelcome because now the New Bridge website seems to be down the memory hole.

As of early Saturday the New Bridge website — — was nowhere to be found. Then a short time later it was replaced by the Barbour Griffith & Rogers website.

(That’s not completely surprising since, as we noted yesterday, New Bridge and Barbour Griffith & Rogers share the same office space near the White House.)

Perhaps it’s just a glitch or they’re just working on it because it seems to be going back and forth, but I’m a tad suspicious.

They seem to be reconfiguring the site as we speak (so to speak) so if readers can let me know if it changes back again, I’d be much obliged.

LATE UPDATE: As of 3:57 PM New Bridge Strategies triumphantly returns! New Bridge 2.0! The comeback!