Here is another question


Here is another question we’re going to get to in the Wilson/Plame scandal.

Let’s say, hypothetically, that the “two top White House officials” who blew Valerie Plame’s cover were in the political and/or communications operations at the White House. That’s what is widely suspected. But, for the moment, let’s assume that is the case.

If so, how did they find out that Joe Wilson’s wife was a CIA employee working under non-official cover (in common parlance, undercover)?

It seems like someone with access to that information must have told them. And you’d figure that that someone would be someone with some sort of national security brief — not a flack or a political strategist, certainly.

Now, that wouldn’t mean that the national security person would have provided this information knowing what was going to be done with it. But you would want to know why such information would be given to someone in the White House political operation, and what the national security person thought the info would be used for.

All hypothetical at the moment. But you can see where it leads …