Cant we just put


Can’t we just put The Weekly Standard on the case?

Last week, and I quote, “At the request of THE DAILY STANDARD, White House staffers went through the logs to check whether [Wesley] Clark had ever called White House political adviser Karl Rove.”

Can we try that again?

I don’t mean to pick on any particular ‘top White House official‘. But the Standard’s put Rove’s name in the mix. And his phone logs seem readily searchable. So, just at random, let’s try him.

How many calls to Bob Novak, say in the second week of July.

Presumably it can’t be too difficult, take too long, or involve any issues of privilege since White House staffers did a similar search on behalf of a junior staffer at the Standard only a week ago.

Believe me, Matthew, you get that search done and you’ll have a real story on your hands.