Oh thats classic. Again


Oh that’s classic. Again in NRO, Mark Levin says it’s really Joe Wilson’s fault. After all, he brought all this attention on himself, says Levin. He should have known that someone in the administration would blow his wife’s cover to get even.

(“Listen woman! If you didn’t nag me so much, I wouldn’t have to hit you!” Sounds sorta the same.)

In any case, Levin’s piece along with Cliff May’s noted earlier shows the dimensions of this story — there’s no spinning it. This mumbo-jumbo is the best they can come up with.

As the lawyers say, when the facts are on your side, bang the facts. When the law’s on your side, bang the law. When you’ve got neither, bang the table.

When you don’t even got a table, it would seem, you bang yourself.