A few hours ago


A few hours ago I flagged this AP story about how the Clark campaign had hired John Weaver — McCain’s guru from 2000 who subsequently switched to become a Democrat after Bush became president.

(I’m an admirer of Weaver’s and the kind of political ideas I think he represents.)

Now AP has another story saying he hasn’t been hired. The two sides are only ‘in negotiations’ with Weaver.

I don’t think that the AP (actually AP’s Ron Fournier) got this wrong. I strongly suspect that this is a hint of in-fighting over whether to bring Weaver in as senior strategist in the campaign.

You’ll notice the first article said that the word came from “campaign official speaking on condition of anonymity.” It was then knocked down by Clark spokesman Matt Bennett who told Fournier: “John Weaver has not been hired by the Clark campaign although he has been in discussion with the campaign about the possibility of coming on to give us some strategic advice.”

Something’s up with this quick turnabout.