Here at Kerrys first


Here at Kerry’s first major event of the day. He came into New Hampshire overnight or in the morning. I think he basically hit the sack for most of the day and now we’re at a ‘chili feed’ at a school in Pembroke, I think about a dozen miles north of Manchester. A good crowd, three or four hundred people.

Right now we’re in the Q & A. At about 6:40, a woman stands up and starts her question. “I think you’re qualified to be president. But there’s one other candidate who I think is qualified…” And who is it? Is she torn between Kerry and Dean? Is it between Clark and Kerry? ‘fraid not. It’s between you, John, and Lyndon LaRouche.

Uggh. Actually it wasn’t as bad as you might expect: a human story tied in with her LaRouchism. Kerry heard her out, though he didn’t touch her request to throw out the “real devil in the White House.”