Just saw Mary Matalin


Just saw Mary Matalin on Meet the Press arguing that Vice-President Cheney isn’t a political liability to the president. He’s just taken a lot of attacks from Democrats; and doesn’t fight back apparently.

“He’s not Mr. Rapid Response,” said Matalin.

Really? That burn campaign against Joe Wilson got off the ground pretty quickly, didn’t it? And the Plame hit came out of the Vice President’s office.

It was all pretty quick.

Credit where credit is due.

Late Update: About noon now, I’m watching ABC’s This Week show, and like watching Meet the Press, it’s reminding me why I seldom watch these shows anymore. They’re both terrible. Now there’s a panel with Matthew Dowd and Tad Devine, chief strategists for the Bush and Kerry, respectively.

The ‘commentators’ are George Will and Cokie Roberts. And thus your balance, one rep of Washington Movement conservatism and another of the capital’s supercilious center. Will thinks the Bush commercials with the firefighters corpse at ground zero is great. And, guess what, Cokie thinks they’re swell too.

So it’s Tad Devine against three folks who think the ads are great. Then they move to deciding whether the president’s attacks on Kerry are good. And they think those are good too.