Up is down babyWALLACE


Up is down, baby!

WALLACE: Let’s talk about that, because some families say that their biggest problem is that, at the same time the president is putting 9/11 in his campaign commercials, that he has sharply limited cooperation with the commission studying the 9/11 attacks.

RACICOT: You know, I don’t believe the facts support that particular notion. The fact is that the president — this is a legislative inquiry. The president has agreed to an examination by the members of that particular commission. That is unprecedented. Typically that doesn’t happen.

All of the documentation that they have requested has been provided at their request. I think their own assessment is that, in fact, the president has been entirely cooperative and trying to provide all the assistance…

That’s Chris Wallace<$Ad$> interviewing the president’s campaign chairman Marc Racicot yesterday on Fox News Sunday.

They’ve provided “all of the documentation”?

The president’s been “entirely cooperative”?

Please tell me there’s a penalty box for this kind of behavior.

As it happens, Racicot later tries to clarify his point after Wallace knocked him around a bit.

You’ll remember, one of the big disputes now is whether all the commission members will be able to attend the interview with the president or just the two co-chairs.

When he came to this point, Racicot came up with this galactically silly argument …

As a matter of fact, I might also point out that none of the members of the commission have been present for all of the interviews that have taken place, even those of Dr. Rice.

So apparently the restrictions are punishment for prior slacking off by the commission members.

Racicot’s becoming the Tommy Flanagan of this campaign, Jon Lovitz’s old ‘Yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket!’ character from the old Saturday Night Live.