Sometimes a picture is


Sometimes a picture is worth <$Ad$>a thousand words.

But a good graph can be worth a thousand words, several good movies, a Raymond Chandler novel, true love, a lifetime supply of good cigars, and assorted other relics of the good life.

Paul Krugman’s got one of those graphs in his Tuesday column.

Editorial Note: In the first draft of this post, “a lifetime supply of good cigars” was “a lifetime supply of Funyuns.” But as I was hunting around for a Funyuns link (there could be no TPM without google) I found this rather critical article on the Funyun by Alissa Rowinsky in Flak Magazine. And I realized Funyuns are simply too awful for such a bequest to be considered a good thing even in jest. But the Funyun’s loss was my gain, because Alissa’s short piece has to be one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time.