A number of readers


A number of readers have written in to ask whether the “Joshua Marshall” who is the registered owner or registrant or whatever of ‘bushflipflops.com’ is this Josh Marshall.

Well, yes. It is.

About a month ago I registered the domain.

In large part, my immediate motivation was to make sure someone else didn’t get it who, shall we say, didn’t have a true and sincere interest in exposing the president’s long list of broken promises, changed positions, and highly disparate interpretations of the same facts.

My plan was either to set the site up myself or hand it off to some other organization or individual who was interested in setting up a site dedicated to the president’s distinguished record of flipfloppery.

I’m already so pressed for time that I’m really not going to have time to do anything with it myself. So if you’re that organization or individual, drop me a line. I’ll pass it on for the $35 registration fee or, just as likely, for nothing at all.