Possibly a more innocent


Possibly a more innocent <$NoAd$>explanation.

Yesterday we noted a testy exchange between President Bush and AP reporter Pete Yost in which the president appeared to upbraid the reporter for addressing him as ‘Sir’ as opposed to ‘Mr. President.’

Today, there’s this from Dan Froomkin’s online column in the Washington Post. After reprinting the same transcript, Froomkin adds …

Not entirely clear was whether Bush was ticked off because Yost didn’t call him “Mr. President” — or if Bush thought Yost was talking to someone else on his mobile phone. [Update: I am now told that Yost had a phone to his ear. That would tick me off, too.]

The president’s swipe still strikes me as uncalled-for. But this certainly puts the matter in a different light. If anybody else was there and has more to add, please drop me a line.