Is that the report


Is that the report from The New <$NoAd$>Yorker?

From this morning …

Question: Scott, one question. Has the president read the Taguba report yet? I mean, it’s all over the media, everybody else seems to have read it.

Answer: Is this the one that General Myers was asked about?

Question: The one the New Yorker wrote about, and that the New York —

Answer: No.

Question: — Times is writing about. He hasn’t read it yet. Is he —

Answer: Yeah, no, that’s why the president called Secretary Rumsfeld, to make sure that the military was taking strong steps to address the matter and prevent prisoner abuse from happening again.

Question: But this report says that it’s more widespread —

Answer: Yeah, and that’s why the Pentagon has taken a — has a number of investigations going on right now, looking into these issues. And they are pursuing charges against individuals who may be responsible for what occurred and the president — and they’re also taking a comprehensive look at the entire prison system to make sure there’s no systematic problem.

Question: Thanks.

Answer: He very much wants to — wants the Pentagon to take a broad look at this and take action against those who were responsible for these appalling acts.

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[ed. note: The exchange above is from a pool report made available this morning to reporters traveling with the president.]