Another blog to recommend


Another blog to recommend:

It’s housed at the Democratic Leadership Council. But it’s not their ‘official blog’ in the sense of enunciating party-lines. The author is a good friend of mine who works there. But I think his authorship is technically anonymous — so I won’t spill the beans.

Given the stresses the Democratic party went through in 2003, many readers probably have a rather manichean sense of the DLC’s role within the Democratic party. That’s not a view I share, even though I can think of a certain someone who’s done a lot to give weight to that view. And I think the NDN has much the better part of the recent intramural squabble between the two groups.

But that’s all insider mumbo-jumbo which is really neither here nor there. This guy’s as sharp as a tack and I respect his opinions immensely. So check him out.