From the Cincinnati Enquirer


From the Cincinnati Enquirer during <$NoAd$>the Republican National Convention (article link) …

Frank Luntz, who will conduct nationally televised focus groups for MSNBC today and Thursday in Cincinnati, donned his other hat Tuesday at the Ohio breakfast at the Republican National Convention – as a Republican consultant trying to win Ohio for the president.

• Don’t use the phrase trial lawyers, he told delegates. Use “personal injury lawyer.” Use “lawsuit reform,” rather than “tort reform.” Use “careers” rather than “jobs.”

“Tort reform is something you serve in a French bakery,” he said.

• Stress how many taxes an Ohioan pays every day.

• Men older than 50 hate Hillary Clinton, he said: “She reminds them all of their first wife.”

• Luntz said the swift boat ads had single-handedly lowered Kerry’s ratings, thanks to a very powerful word: “betrayal.”

“This is why people are turning against John Kerry in the last 10 days,” he said.

• Ohio’s undecided voters tend to be 25 to 39, mostly female, mostly white, conservative fiscally but moderate socially. She knows someone who lost a job, or she might be worried she’ll lose hers.

“If we have to trust our future to anyone, I trust it to Ohio,” he said.

So many hats.

And Fox News will control the video cameras filming the debate. So you know everything will be on the up-and-up.