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Today in the Washington Post, GOP pollster Frank <$Ad$>Luntz talks to Howie Kurtz about getting canned by MSNBC after he’d already spent thirty grand putting together a debate night focus group to appear with their coverage.

In the piece he told Kurtz that “he’s done no GOP work since 2001.”

Is that really true?

An article in Roll Call from just this summer (June 22nd, 2004) discusses Luntz and his love-hate relationship with the House Republican Caucus. Specifically, it notes the regular briefings he gives to the caucus.

A few passages stand out …

At the highest level, several leadership sources confirmed that Speaker Dennis Hastert (Ill.) and his office are not fans of Luntz or his work, while Majority Leader Tom DeLay (Texas) has hired him in the past and is an eager customer for Luntz’s research.

A senior Republican lawmaker had a more straightforward explanation for why Luntz’s sessions are well-attended.

“It’s free stuff,” said the lawmaker, adding that the relationship was mutually beneficial because after seeing Luntz’s presentations, “some [Members] become true believers and hire him, and some refer him” to other campaigns.

At last week’s session, for example, Luntz started off by discussing homeland security and how Members should frame terrorism and security issues. He then screened some recent Kerry campaign ads and assessed their merits, as well as those of three different ads on the recently unveiled prescription drug discount card.

Attendees also received Luntz memos on three different topics: outsourcing, terrorism and tort reform.

Sounds like Luntz provides regular strategy briefings for Republicans and does it, not suprisingly, in part to troll for work.