PS. Why isnt the


PS. Why isn’t the Kerry campaign or the DNC slapping together an ad with the video of President Bush saying he isn’t concerned about bin Laden?

I have no friggin’ idea.

Late Update: I’ve been hassling folks about this for days. But, as of today, it turns out they do have such an ad. It still doesn’t include as much of the quote as I’d like. And it uses the text quote rather than the actual video. But it hits the basic point. And on this I’m quite happy to be corrected.

Even Later Update: I was going to suggest that it’d be much better to use the actual video to give a feel for the president’s swagger and nonchalance in saying he wasn’t concerned about bin Laden. So I jumped back to the post I did from a few days ago about this to get the link to the transcript and the video clip. But when I clicked on the video link it wouldn’t come up. Then I remembered that someone had sent me an email alleging that the White House had been pulling embarrassing video feeds from the White House website. And indeed this site claims that the particular clip in question has been pulled down, even though the video for the press conference immediately before and after this one remain. I can’t say myself whether there’s not some more innocent or more technical-snafu type explanation. But it does strike me as suspicious. And I’d be eager to hear more about this.

Later and Later into the Night Update: Moveon does have an ad with the video in question. And it’s good. But, honestly, I don’t think it’s as well put together as it might be. The fact that the president lied about having said this in the debate, or forgot he’d ever said it, is less the point than his palpable lack of interest in finding bin Laden as evidenced by the clip itself.