I keep hearing from


I keep hearing from constituents of Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite from Florida’s 5th district who’ve gotten her phone call today. But no matter how many times she calls, Ginny keeps forgetting to answer the question on the table. She tells voters she won’t cut benefits for current or near-retirees. But she never remembers to answer the question on the table: Does she support carving private accounts out of Social Security?

I’m not even going to be a stickler about the White House’s latest rhetorical flim-flam. Does she support personal accounts carved out of Social Security? Gently inserted into Social Security? Making personal accounts part of the Social Security family.


In any case, Ginny is clearly sitting in her office working the phone all day today, placing countless calls. But she never departs from the script. So if anybody runs into her, please remind her to answer the question. Ginny, where do you stand on private accounts?

If you’re FIW, fine. At least that’s an answer.